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LOCAL X RADIO uses dedicated 4G/3G technology and a proprietary patent-pending process to stream its programming at a much higher bit rate than terrestrial radio stations — resulting in exceptional sound quality on wireless devices.

The LOCAL X Radio application can be downloaded for free via iTunes, the Apple App Store and Android Market and there are no subscription fees.  

The station’s programming is as unique as its platform.  LOCAL X RADIO promises to deliver “Live, Loud and Local!” music by mixing pure hard rock with punk, hip-hop and local artists. With its commitment to showcasing unsigned bands, Tech-savvy music lovers anywhere in the world to keep abreast of local favorites and sample the hottest new artists as they break onto the music scenes in Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis and other cities.

The brand’s flagship station is LOCAL X Memphis, which is broadcasting live from the studios of Minglewood Hall in Midtown Memphis — one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods which has long been popular with area musicians and artists. Minglewood Hall and other Memphis venues will provide future opportunities for in-house-recordings and live-streaming of events with local bands, attended by local fans.

LOCAL X Radio plans to launch 100%-streaming stations in St. Louis, Nashville and other cities with active music scenes.

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